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English School in St. Julian's

Malta is one of the preferred destinations for language students from all over the world - and for good reason. Nowhere else can you learn English in such a pleasant Mediterranean climate. The island also offers its visitors numerous leisure activities.
The picturesque town of St. Julian’s, where our English language school is located, is on the east coast of the island. Once a fishing village, today it is an idyllic town in which you can learn English in a relaxed environment. So go for it: take an English language course in Malta! The St. Julian’s school is nearly full year round and has proven, year after year, to be a favorite destination for students. If you are considering an English study abroad program, then consider Malta.
At our school in St. Julian’s we offer a variety of English language courses: whether you want to attend an intensive course in which you can make rapid progress or a special exam course in order to prepare for an exam or the Cambridge Language Certificate. Our offer also includes individual lessons, business English and intensive courses.
In addition to learning English in your language course, during your time in Malta you will become familiar with the daily lives of the Maltese people, enjoy the cuisine, experience the history and art, and immediately apply what you learned in class.
If you are aged under 18 and are considering taking a language course abroad, you might also be interested in our exciting language camps for kids in Malta.
Study abroad programs in Malta are particularly special experiences: you could learn English from native speakers with our language courses in the beautiful Maltese resort of St. Julian’s, and discover the sunny Mediterranean island of Malta. Relax in the mild weather and enjoy the charming surroundings. A language course in St. Julian’s is an investment in your future, and taking one would give you the opportunity to visit unique places, gain useful experience and perhaps even develop new friendships. This is also a great place for those seeking variety: Malta’s entertainment area, Paceville, is situated nearby and offers many restaurants as well as bars, clubs and casinos. Discover for yourself the many benefits of taking an English language course in Malta!

In addition to classrooms and apartments, you’ll also find facilities including a bar, restaurant and disco in our English school in St. Julian’s, which you can use during your free time. Additionally, the surrounding garden helps create a pleasant atmosphere in which you can feel comfortable and learn in a relaxed manner.

  • An overview of the facilities in the St. Julian’s English school:
  • Well-equipped classrooms with facilities for the disabled
  • Air conditioning in each room
  • Library and common room for studying in
  • Internet access
  • Lounge with TV, DVD player, pool table, etc.

Those who would like to participate in sporting activities before or after class will find a swimming pool and beach volleyball court on the campus. Near the complex is also a dive center, which offers taster courses for beginners as well as diving sessions for those at a more advanced level.

Our school is situated in the picturesque town of St. Julian’s, near the Maltese capital, Valletta. The former fishing village is characterized by pretty houses and small, colorful fishing boats. It attracts tourists from many locations and is also a popular destination for Maltese people.
The English school is contained in an impressive stone building with Greek-style architecture. The school is located in a quiet part of St. Julian’s Bay, but is near the nightlife district of Paceville. An estimated number of 350 bars, clubs and pubs are located there – the Maltese nightlife thus offers something to suit everyone.
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