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Spanish Language Courses in Havana, Cuba

Spanish School in Havana

What could be better than learning Spanish on Cuba!
The best thing about Havana is the city itself - its architecture, streets and famous promenades. Especially famed is the historical city center that was declared part of the world's cultural heritage. This vibrant city is both a scientific and cultural must see. Within its 47 km of coastline, you will find 20 km of beaches as well as places to go diving and deep-sea fishing.
Our range of Spanish programs in Havana is very diverse and it includes a suitable course for everyone. Whether you are looking for a 2-week language course during the summer holidays or an exam course, you’ll find something in Havana.
Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, offers both cultural diversity and total relaxation. In addition to taking a Spanish language course you can choose from various activities and programs in Havana. You could try a dance course in Cuba: dance to the passionate rhythms of salsa, merengue, bachata, tango or reggaeton and experience Cuba with all your senses. Or if you prefer to make the music yourself, why not learn about the various percussion instruments of Cuban music during a drumming course.
If you want to see more of Cuba, you could also book a tour and explore the beautiful island on foot, by bus, with a rental car or by bike. Make this one of the most memorable experiences of your life!
The school in Havana was founded in in 2001 and has new, spacious classrooms. The school is located in a two-story building and allows students to learn in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.
Students have access to the following facilities:
  • 6 air-conditioned classrooms with audio-visual equipment
  • Lounge
  • Computer corner with Internet access
  • Cafeteria
Many types of Spanish language courses can be booked at the school in order to suit everyone's individual needs. The maximum number of students per class is 8.
The school is located in the Miramar district, one of the better residential areas in Havana. Before the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the Cuban elite lived here in villas with impressive facades and spacious gardens. Miramar, with its numerous yacht clubs, was considered one of the most glamorous neighborhoods in Havana during the 1950s.
The neighborhood was designed using the New York district of Manhattan as a model, especially the Quinta Avenida, the main street in Miramar, which is still considered to be the most beautiful street in Cuba. Today, you can find the city’s most modern and luxurious hotels in Miramar, as well as a number of embassies, consulates, and international corporations.
Another big advantage of our Spanish school in Havana is its proximity to the water’s edge: the Caribbean beaches are just a short distance away! Various parks and attractions can also be reached easily from Miramar.
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